The Seven CEL Token Utilities

Below are the planned utilities for the CEL Token. All are subject to change.

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The CEL Membership Token

In order to take advantage of the awesome benefits of being part of the Celsius Network community (Hello, earned interest! Hi there, fast and easy transactions! Wow, low interest rate loans!), users must maintain a balance of at least one CEL token in their Celsius wallet. For the first year, users who complete our registration and KYC process in the app will receive one CEL from us.

Skip the Queue

When the availability of dollar loans becomes limited, we will reorder the queue by placing those with the highest CEL balance and HODL ratio ahead of the rest. HODL Ratio = amount of CEL in Celsius wallet : amount of CEL withdrawn from the Celsius wallet. (CelPay transfers and interest payments using CEL tokens on dollar loans will never affect your HODL ratio.)

Even lower interest rate loans

Users who pay interest on their loans with CEL tokens will receive up to 20%* discount on all interest payments. In case you forgot - we’ll always have the best rates on the block and we will match or beat any written offer from any other company.

Even higher earned interest

Users who choose to earn their weekly interest in CEL tokens will receive up to 40%** more interest on all non-CEL deposits. Talk about being in your best interest.

Lower interest rates on coin loans, too

We’re not just bringing the power to the people. Institutions borrowing, and paying, large amounts will also receive up to a 20% discount on interest payments when they pay interest on loans using CEL tokens. This ensures the CEL token flywheel keeps gaining speed!

CEL for CelPay

Similar to a “cashback” model on your credit card, Celsius will reward CelPay transactions with CEL. Users will earn 1% on all BTC and ETH CelPay transactions and 2% on all CEL CelPay transactions. Your CEL for CelPay rewards will be distributed monthly.

Premium service, support, and events

The 100 members with the largest holding of CEL will be rewarded with benefits like: a designated live customer support hotline, invitations to the industry top events, meet-and-greets with Alex and the Celsius team, and exclusive events just for our top CEL HODLer community.

* Pay up to 20% less than what we charge others, the more CEL you have the closer you are to the full 20%. We rank you vs all others and you can see your place in the profile part of the app.

** Earn up to 40% more interest than others, the more CEL you have the closer you are to the full 40%. We rank you vs all others and you can see your place in the profile part of the app.

Here is what we told the community we will do in our white paper, We think we did even better than what we promised:

CEL Token Whitepaper