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Use your crypto as collateral and get a 9% loan in dollars.

Deposit your crypto with us  and earn up to 5% interest.

Leverage the Celsius community to place your shorts.

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We’re busy working to bring our Celsius Wallet app to Android and iOS. In the meantime, you can download the current version of the Celsius app in order to secure your place in the queue to be one of the first to either get a loan or earn interest on your crypto (or both). Based on your holdings, we’ll tell you how much you could possibly borrow or earn once we go live later this year.

For crypto to continue to spread and gain traction we’ve got to bring the next 100m people into the crypto community.

In order to do that, real products built by real teams have to provide real utility to the public. We’re building Celsius to bring a new wave of financial products to the market designed, for the first time, to always do what’s in the best interest of its members instead of trying to make as much profit as possible. We believe this will be crypto’s first ‘killer app.’

Why Use The Celsius Wallet?


Keep Your Coins & Borrow Cash

Members will be able to borrow USD against their crypto holdings in their wallet which will be used as collateral. Our goal is to allow anyone who’s in need of cash to easily borrow from the Celsius platform without having to sell their crypto holdings. The ability to take loans in dollars against your cryptocurrency will be available after the CEL tokens are issued.


Get Paid To HODL

In the future, through the Celsius Network, cryptocurrencies deposited by members into their Celsius Wallet will earn POS fees and be available on the network for immediate borrowing and shorting for a fee. Coins that are lent from member wallets or used as POS collateral will begin to accrue interest in the form of Celsius Tokens (CEL), allowing members to earn up to 9% annual interest.*

*This functionality is not yet available and will be rolled out in future. This functionality may be conditional on regulatory approvals, which Celsius will obtain as a condition for rolling out these features.


Alex Mashinsky Interview with Tim Draper, The Next Web 5/31/18

See Gary Vaynerchuk & Alex Mashinsky in Toronto

Watch Alex’s presentation at the Super Bitcoin Conference in Dallas

Banking is Broken

Celsius is driven to create a financial platform where the community’s interests are our top priority

1. Sometimes You Just Need Cash

Members may be holding crypto, but now they need to buy a car or pay down expensive credit card debt. Unfortunately, most car dealerships or banks still don’t want cryptocurrency. We believe crypto assets hold real value, and it should be easy for crypto holders to leverage this value to borrow cash.

Crypto Collateral = Cash in Hand

We want to make borrowing cash a whole lot easier. Celsius’ goal is to allow its members to use their crypto holdings as collateral in order to secure low interest loans in dollars. Rather than selling their crypto (pay taxes and forfeit potential future gains), with Celsius they can leverage their cryptocurrency to borrow the cash they need today, while still maintaining their crypto portfolio for future value.

2. Wallets Without Interest, Nobody Wins

Anyone with cryptocurrency sitting in cold storage or on some exchange or wallet is earning exactly zero interest. We believe there should be a way for crypto holders to HODL coins while still leveraging their crypto assets and helping other crypto holders.

Crypto Interest

By depositing coins on the Celsius Network, crypto asset holders will be able to earn up to 9% interest for their lent coins. We plan to offer a large array of lending options, from one-day to one-year contracts, all with highly competitive interest rates. With Celsius, members will be able to easily earn interest on their crypto assets the same way they earn on the savings in the bank – but with much better rates.

3. The 99% not the 1%

Most financial institutions still don’t get cryptocurrency. They want to short the market because they’re blinded by being so late to the party on this one. Right now, there’s no good place for them to go to bet against the cryptocurrency market other than expensive futures markets like the CME and centralized exchanges.

Sure, Go Ahead and Short

Hedge funds, family offices and crypto funds still want to play in the world of cryptocurrency. Fortunately for us, they are willing to pay high fees to do so, so many of them want to short the market. We’re happy to help make the most of their greed by taking up to 50% cash deposits and charging them interest when they hedge. This lets us pass most of the earnings back to the community and lend more dollars to the rest of the Celsius community. Cryptocurrency prices are volatile, and we get that. Like any market, prices are going to jump up and down due to a number of factors. While many of us are excited about the rising valuations, some believe many coins are overvalued and are interested in shorting.

With Celsius, we will make it easy for those people to borrow coins from our community and short them on the market. Celsius will never take a position or trade against its coin holders or Lenders. Our interests are aligned with our lenders to charge the borrowers looking to short as much as possible to grow the community. Members who want to borrow dollars against their crypto coins will be charged interest below 10% to further grow the community and invite outside people to buy more crypto.

Their Stupidity, Your Gain

For the first time ever, Wall Street is late to the party and still has their heads stuck in the sand. And we want to stick it to the traditional finance industry who still don’t believe in decentralization, crypto coins or the promise of the blockchain to level the playing field for people across the globe.

With Celsius, you’ll be able to securely loan the crypto you’ve been HODLing to financial institutions dumb enough to think it’s a good idea to short the market.

I could care less what Bitcoin trades for, how it trades, why it trades, who trades it. If you’re stupid enough to buy it you’ll pay the price for it one day.”

-Jamie Dimon, Chairman of JPMorgan Chase

Our Ears are Burning

Forbes - Celsius Network

Celsius is raising the temperature when it comes to offering millennials an opportunity to earn real interest and use new ways to deal with old money.

VentureBeat - Celsius Network

Today Celsius — an Ethereum-based lending platform — has announced its plans to disrupt this industry by enabling peer-to-peer instant loans.

Huffington Post - Celsius Network

They are gaining traction quickly, and are working to open the floodgates of credit”.

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A New Kind of Financial Company

Celsius Community
Join a strong, and purpose-driven community dedicated to permanently changing the banking system
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Help us replace Wall Street with a lending and credit system focused on benefitting the community
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Participate in an incentive system that drives the goals of the community because we’re not profit driven
Satoshi’s Dream
Carry out Satoshi’s dream of a decentralized, consensus-driven financial instrument

Alex Mashinsky

Real People Building a Real Product

Meet Alex Mashinsky, our CEO is a visionary inventor and serial entrepreneur with over 30 patents whose first company IPO’d on the NASDAQ.

He has raised over $1 billion with over $3 billion in successful exits. Alex has the original patent on VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and is now working on MOIP (Money Over Internet Protocol).

World Class Advisors


Miko Matsumura

Co-founder at Evercoin

Miko Matsumura founded crypto exchange Evercoin, and is a Limited Partner with the Pantera Capital ICO Fund (a $100M ICO-only fund). He is personally invested in FileCoin, Brave, CIVIC, Propy and Lyft. As a 25 year operating exec in Silicon Valley, he has raised over $50 million in capital for Open Source startups.


Chris Dannen

Founder of Iterative Capital

Chris has extensive experience in blockchain technology including an advisor position at Blockmatics, a consultant with Bloomberg and a founder and partner at Iterative Capital Management. Chris also has a number of technology publications and has written at length about Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He specializes in business strategy and development.


Sonic Zhang

Entrepreneur and investor

Sonic Zhang is the Co-founder and Global Director of 20 Nations League of Blockchain (B20), an international NGO focused on bridging blockchain and crypto-currency communities worldwide. Founder of ValueNet Capital, Murint Capital, ValueBank Group, and SoRelax, a global platform for cross-border marketing and services. Sonic has an MPM and a BE in Mechatronics from the University of Sydney.


Rashid Al Malik

CEO of Haya Holdings

Mr. Rashid Al Malik serves as the Chairman and CEO of Haya Holdings since April 2010. Previously Al Malik was the founder and Deputy CEO/ Chief Corporate Development Office of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise. At Dubai Aerospace he was able to raise 15 bn dollars.He serve as advisor to Colony Capital Chairman.he was a professional pilot with Emirates airlines for 8 years.He is an active investor in new technologies. He holds a Bachelor degree from Bucks, New University and a postgraduate master’s degree (MBA) from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, U.S.A.


Ivan Bjelajac

Operating Director at GoDaddy / Partner MVP Workshop

Passionate about developing products, systems, and working with people dedicated to building flat organizations, Ivan is driven by a search for game-changing brands that improve consumers’ lives. Ivan’s engineering background is in DevOps, System Engineering and Customer Support Analytics. In 2011 Ivan was declared one of the most successful young entrepreneurs under 30 years.


Dr. Elliot Noma

Algorithm/AI Advisor

Elliot teaches machine learning at Columbia University and quantitative risk management in the masters’ program for mathematical finance at Rutgers University. Elliot currently advises fin-tech companies in the application of machine learning, natural language processing and blockchain technologies.

Traders Gonna’ Trade, Traders Gonna’ Get Played

Family offices, hedge funds and other larger players can now play the crypto market through traditional financial institutions like the CME & CBOE. This allows Traders to bet on cryptocurrency prices with other large financial institutions with none of profits going into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The Celsius community is dedicated to the promise of decentralization and the blockchain. We now have the opportunity to turn the tables and take advantage of the Institutional non-believers who are late to the party and still want to bet against us.

With Celsius, you’ll be able to securely loan the crypto you’ve been HODLing to financial institutions dumb enough to think it’s a good idea to short the market and you’ll be able to earn interest in coins. Its a win/win for the community, we either minimize volatility or get paid a lot for it.

We say, go ahead, we’ll be happy to take your money to enrich the community who see the future.

As more people join the Celsius ecosystem, the more everyone benefits.

All about community

Celsius’ community will continue to grow in number and value as more and more people lend their coins as credit to borrowers.

Earn more with us

HODLers will get more Degrees (CEL) the more they loan and borrowers will pay less to hedge their positions.