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Celsius Network. A new way to earn, borrow, and pay on the blockchain.


Celsius pays up to 7% APR* interest while you HODL. BTC on BTC, ETH on ETH, start earning now.
*interest rates subject to change

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Why not borrow dollars while they still exist? Get dollar loans at 5% APR* while your crypto chills in your wallet.
*interest rates subject to change

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Send coins and pay friends back instantly, worldwide. No fees. No crypto wallet needed. Try it now.

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Watch your wallet balance grow like a beanstalk

Earn up to 7%* interest on deposits

Interest is calculated daily for each coin and distributed in the same currency every Monday. Moms all agree, it's the best way to start your week.

*interest rates are subject to change


















Bitcoin Cash


... Eligible to earn interest in app

#3 Blockchain Company to Watch for in 2018.
This FinTech startup is primed to disrupt traditional banking.

July 7th, 2018

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They are gaining traction quickly, and are working to open the floodgates of credit

December 10, 2017

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Celsius looks to become one of the giants in the blockchain fintech space.

August 1st, 2018

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What happens to my coins after I deposit them

Coins may sometimes be moved in and out of exchanges and hedge funds as they are being lent out. In these cases, the coins are over-collateralized with fiat.

How Celsius Works

While banks were hibernating, Bob woke up.
Now Bob calls the shots.
How it Works

Celsius App
Available for Download

Store your digital assets and start earning interest right away. Apply to get a dollar loan at just 5% APR*, using your assets as collateral.
*interest rates subject to change


Crypto for the people

Celsius Manifest Video

Let's bring 100M fresh faces
to the crypto community

Celsius is a platform built with and for the community.
We believe that together we can build a new paradigm where our big network, not the big banks, benefits.

Time to Get CEL Tokens

The CEL token runs on the Ethereum blockchain. As borrowers pay interest on their loans, Celsius uses Proof-of-Stake to redistribute the interest and other income to its community. Celsius makes sure most of the profits go to those who staked their coins to make the CEL cycle happen. CEL demand increases and drives value for the community of Celsius token HODLers.

In late March we completed a token sale. Celsius members can download the app and deposit digital assets in the Celsius wallet to earn interest. They can also take out dollar loans using these assets as collateral.

Celsius Network is a proud member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

Hello Team

Celsius Team

Multiple IPO entrepreneur. Double black belt. Home-brewer. Blockchain pioneer. The people at the core of our network have one experience in common: Going from bar napkin doodle to world wide execution. All are committed to building the first blockchain financial services platform that’s focused on benefitting its members, not maximizing profits.

Get to know them

Meet Alex, Celsius CEO

Alex is one of the inventors of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) with a foundational patents dating back to 1994, over 3 billion people use VOIP for free worldwide, he is now working on bringing MOIP (Money Over Internet Protocol) to everyone so we can free money as well.

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Alex Mashinsky

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