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Deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
and more to get up to 7% interest a year.


Interest is calculated daily for each coin and distributed in the same currency every Monday


Watch your wallet balance grow like a beanstalk

Earn up to 7% interest on deposits

Interest is calculated daily for each coin and distributed in the same currency every Monday. Moms all agree, it's the best way to start your week.



















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Interest Calculator

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Interest per week


Total Interest (-)


You could earn up to 7% interest on each coin type, based on market conditions and demand. Interest is paid in kind, meaning you will earn interest in BTC for your BTC deposits, ETH for ETH, etc.

Up to 5% Interest

On a $10.000 deposit you would get about $475 a year in interest

No Term Lengths

You can get your crypto deposits whenever you need them with no fees or penalties

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How it Works

Download the Celsius App, verify your identity and then deposit some ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, OMG or any of the other coins we support. Every week you'll get a notification and be able to see how much interest you earned. Pretty simple right?

Here's an example

Deposit amount in -
Annual Interest rate
Weekly payment
Annual Payment

In this scenario, you’d be paid every Monday - in interest on your deposited - worth of that is - in only - in interest, just for parking your crypto in our wallet. Genius right?

Get Paid to HODL Your Crypto

For Individuals

Earn passive income of up to 7% APR on your crypto

Got crypto sitting in cold storage? In a wallet on your phone, or sitting on an exchange? Well, it’s time to put it to work! Instead of keeping it in your virtual attic, you can start earning interest today, simply by making a deposit in the Celsius app.

  • Keep HODLing - Deposit your coins, earn interest every Monday and if you need them back, simply withdraw them. Easy peasy.
  • Passive Income FTW - You’ve basically got your crypto stuffed under the mattress, get smart and earn interest while you HODL.
  • Secure AF - All deposits are secured by our custodian, BitGo When coins are lent out, they’re collateralized, meaning if for example a hedge fund wants to short the market they must provide full collateral in USD—We got your back.
  • Open Terms - We’d love for you to HODL your crypto with us all the time but even if you need it back, you can get it without any minimum lockup time. It’s yours after all.
  • Upside’s All You -You get back the same number of coins you gave us (plus your interest), so any upside in the value of your deposits is all yours

Deposit your crypto with us and earn up to 7% interest

If you’ve got lots of coins sitting in cold storage or on an exchange or under your mattress, we can help you leverage them in order to earn interest (and passive income). Get your coins working through the bear market.

  • Big Interest - We pay you the best interest rates (up to 7%) in the market because we blend several sources of interest income.
  • Solid Security - A high percentage of the coins we have are being shorted (rather than stored) and we receive and hold 150% collateral against them in fiat. Also, ou deposits are secured by our custodian BitGo.
  • No Lockups - Get access to your coins immediately without any penalties for withdrawal or forced lockup periods.
  • Keep the Upside - We return the same number of coins plus interest, so any upside in the value of your coins is yours to keep.

Here's how we calculate the interest you earn

We want to maximize returns for HODLers and do what's in the best interest of all our members. Our formula for CEL interest will be based on 3 factors which reward HODLing and discourage speculation:

50% – Balances

Your Portfolio Balance The amount of Coins (BTC, ETH, XRP etc.) you’ve deposited

25% – Time

Are you an OG? The amount of time you’ve been part of the Celsius community vs. others without withdrawing your coins.

25% – HODL

This CEL was made for HODLing The amount of CEL tokens you HODL out of the CEL tokens you earned in interest*. *Only earned tokens count. Tokens bought during the ICO or the open market do not count towards this milestone.

*only earned tokens count. Tokens bought during the ICO or the open market do not count towards this milestone

Right now, we're paying interest in kind every Monday. So if you deposit ETH, you'll get interest every week in ETH. Deposit BTC and get your interest in BTC. Early next year we'll start distributing interest in CEL tokens to members outside the USA.


Can I get my coins back whenever I want?

Yes you can! Interest is calculated daily and distributed every Monday. Moms all agree, it’s the best way to start your week. And your coins are your coins so you can deposit and withdraw them whenever you see fit.

Is the interest rate always the same?

Nope. The interest rate varies based on demand, you’ll always be able to see our current rates within the app.

In what currency is interest paid?

Interest earned will be paid in the respective currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) Your interest will be calculated daily and deposited weekly (on Mondays) into your account.

What percentage return can I expect on my deposits?

We aim to provide our crypto coin lenders with rates of somewhere between 3-9%, depending on the demand for the deposited coin. This number is determined by total supply and demand and what’s best for the community.

Where do my coins actually go?

WWe deposit your coins/tokens with trusted custodians like BitGo as well as major exchanges. If Hedge funds want to borrow the coins they must provide full cover with cash collateral which is secured in an FDIC-insured bank account.

How is storing with Celsius safer than storing in cold storage?

We diversify the assets across multiple platforms, such as cold storage (BitGo), institutional exchanges, and short orders, in which case we have 120-150% of the dollar value in an FDIC-insured bank account.

How and where are the coins traded?

The coins will be deployed in a number of ways, the most common being used in margin lending and shorting. We use the interest and fees borrowers and shorters pay us to pay you interest.

How are my coins secured?

They are held in encrypted accounts and, once deployed (lent out) they are backed by collateral on the part of the borrower to ensure the lender is always protected.

Who is your (cold storage) custodian?

BitGo and other top custodians.

Do you use my coins as working capital?

No, none of the cryptocurrency we hold from our members is used as working capital for the company.

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