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Compounding Interest on Gold.

Throughout history, Gold has been used to store value. Now for the first time in history, it can also earn you 3% APY


Savings Calculator

Interest Rate
3% APY

0% 10%

Year 1:
Year 5:
Year 10:
Year 20:

Why Gold

In a global environment of unlimited FIAT printing by all central banks, Gold represents one of the very few commodities with a limited supply and a broad asset base of over $10T in market cap.

Time Tested
Limited Supply

Earn on Your Terms

Because you deserve free, transparent, and unlimited access to your assets.

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No maximum Deposit

Earn on $5 or $5,000,000. At Celsius Network, we had the revolutionary idea to treat everyone equally.

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Fee Free

Make a withdrawal at any time for any amount without worrying about fees or penalties. You’ll never be charged for accessing your own funds.

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In-Kind or In CEL

Choose to earn interest in the currency that works best for you. Get weekly crypto interest payments in-kind or earn more in CEL tokens.

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No Lock Up

You’ll always have access to 100% of the funds in your Celsius wallet. We’ll never require a maximum balance or deny you access to your crypto.

Where to buy?

How Digital Gold Works

Digital Gold (XAUt) is provided bt Tether Gold. Backing each ERC20 token is a physical bar of Gold sitting in a safe in Switzerland

Because the tokens are live on the Ethereum blockchain, the markets are open 24/7/365 and Gold ownership is available to anyone on the planet with an internet connection

See the XAUt Whitepaper here.
Gold Allocation Lookup

To identify the specific Gold bar(s) and number of ounces of Gold you hold on each bar, enter the address that holds your XAUt tokens below

Enter Your Ethereum Address


If you'd like to redeem your tokens for a physical hold backing them, submit your redemption request via the TG Commodities Limited Portal

“We have got Gold on Gold” – Alex Mashinsky

Starting next week we have new additions to the Celsius coin list including new stable coins pegged to Gold.

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Celsius raises the gold standard with Tether Gold

Tether Gold (XAU₮), a digital asset providing ownership of physical gold (XAU) custodied in Switzerland, is now available on Celsius Network, the industry-leading cryptocurrency interest-earning platform and mobile app.

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Gold token,Tether Gold announces its availability on Celsius Network

Tether Gold (XAU₮), a digital asset providing ownership of physical gold (XAU) is now available on Celsius Network, thereby increasing the gold standard.

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