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Enter your desired loan amount to see how much crypto you’ll need as collateral.

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We’ve made it super easy to configure your loan and get instantly approved. Because time is money, so here, have both!

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Coin is king, right? Right. But sometimes cash is what you need, which is why you can choose how you’d like to receive your funds.

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Interest rates from 1% APR

It depends a bit on how you choose to pay, with CEL Tokens getting you the lowest rates. But no matter what, we’ll find the right rate for you.


Borrow against 25+ coins

Financial flexibility is our main game. We accept a wide range of coins, so you have more options to secure a loan.


Terms starting at 6 months

Short, long or just right. Choose the term that suits you best, and extend or terminate your loan at any time. No fees. No penalties.


Flexible loan-to-value options

Now we’re getting serious. Fine tune your LTV in order to a) keep your interest rate low or b) minimize the required collateral.


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