Don’t trust, verify.

Through our partner Horizen and their zkAudit technology, Celsius can provide near-real-time audits, a level of transparency that is unmatched in our industry or traditional finance.

Bringing the best of DeFi to CeFi

Celsius is opening up its financial holdings to the world through an independent and automated audit system for financial services

zK AuditExplorer

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Below is the block explorer of our decentralized audit system running on Horizen. It proves liquidity in the Celsius network in near-real-time without relying on validators or disclosing any customer information

How does itwork?

zkAudit uses cryptographic tools to secure, verify, and validate proof of liquidity
in the Celsius network by proving Celsius received interest payments to Celsius owned addresses.

This process happens in near-real time while preserving the privacy of Celsius’ customers.


Celsius sends zero-knowledge proofs of private data to zkAudit for verification


zkAudit has access to the transactions that occured on different blockchains in an encrypted and aggregated format.


The private data is verified against the aggregated data and added to the zkAudit ledger as proof of assets.


ZEN is transferred back and forth between the Horizen public mainchain and zkAudit, maintaining the decentralization and data integrity.

Celsius audit via Horizen Labs

Whyzk Audit?

Blockchain technology enables transparency while indirectly
revealing personal identifiable information.

The world needs a solution to bring enhanced transparency and trust
of financial institutions while preserving users' privacy.

This site is under construction in light of Celsius and certain of its affiliates having filed voluntary petitions for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy relief. As such, many services and features are not available at this time. For general information, please visit thiswebsite.

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