Is That a Legit Celsius Social Media Account? Or Is It Fake?

Our team here at Celsius posts a lot of great content on social media. But, unfortunately, as we've grown we've seen an increasing number of fake accounts from people posting as Celsius or key members of our team.

Cybercriminals may try to take advantage of the trust you have for Celsius with fraudulent communications designed to look like official Celsius messages. But with the tips below, you'll be armed to tell the difference.

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How to spot a fake Celsius account:

Know and follow our official accounts. Official Celsius channels include:

Our blogs:

If they're reaching out, it's a cause for doubt.

Is the account reaching out to you via social media? If so, assume it's not us - and please report. Though we do our best to respond to direct messages and sometimes respond to tweets or posts that mention us, we will not reach out first. If a "Celsius account" initiates contact* with you on social media, it's fake.

*Note: Celsius does send emails to let community members know about rewards payments, product and company updates, and promotions. Emails from us will always come from the domain "". Check the "sender" details if you have any doubts.

Asking for sensitive information is a big red flag.

We will never ask for your login credentials, for Celsius or any other account. We won't ask for your credit card, debit card, private keys, seed phrases, or secret codes either. If someone asks for any information that could unlock access to your accounts or funds, it's not us.

We urge you to protect yourself by keeping this type of data private, regardless of who is asking for it. If the account is claiming to be Celsius or one of our team members, please report it below.

We’ll never ask you for your wallet ID – or for you to send funds to ours.

We love to run promos and give out free crypto, but we do not need your wallet ID to do it. All of our active promotions can be found here – note: that they are based on your in-app activity, like deposits to your own account. We will never publish a wallet account and ask you to send money to it. Whether the person is claiming to be Celsius or not, if someone asks you to send money to an account with a promise of sending you back more, it’s best to assume it’s a scam.

Check the number of followers or likes.

We work hard to connect with our amazing community and take pride in our numbers. Fraudulent accounts usually have relatively few likes and followers. If the account has tens or hundreds of followers – or even low thousands – that’s cause for doubt. You can come back to this page to review the list of official channels, or check what accounts are linked on our website;

Check the account type.

If it’s on Facebook or Instagram, is it a business account? Because ours is. Some fraudulent ones are labeled “nonprofits” or are individual accounts, with lists of friends. We love our community members, but we’ll never add you as a “friend” on Facebook. As a business account, we can’t. On Twitter, make sure you see the “verified” checkmark. And, remember, our handle is “CelsiusNetwork” on all channels.

Beware of suspicious links.

Is the account/page asking you to click a link that doesn’t look trustworthy? If a link doesn’t look right to you, don’t click it. Our website URL is “” and you can find legit links to our blog, youtube channel, and more in the list above.

Triple check if it’s legit by reporting it.

If you’ve read through the tips above but still aren’t sure if an account, message, post, or email is real or fraudulent, air on the side of caution and report it through the form below. We’ll follow up and let you know whether it’s fake or trustworthy.

Protect Our Community by Reporting Fake Accounts

By reporting fraudulent accounts, you help us protect the entire community. Whether you’re 100% sure it’s fake or can’t tell for sure, report it through the form below.

What social media account(s) are you reporting? Select all that apply

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