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Keep your Celsius Accountsafe & secure

  • Activate 2-factor-authentication on the Celsius mobile app

  • Whitelist your crypto withdrawal addresses within the app

  • Activate HODL mode

  • Store your HODL code offline

  • Protect your personal email and accounts from SIM SWAP attacks. Use non SMS based 2-factor-authentication (like Google Authenticator app)

  • Use a unique email that you don't use on other services

  • Do not use public or unsecured WiFi networks

  • Do not use public or shared computers or devices

  • Keep your device secured with a strong, unique password

  • Use an encrypted password/key manager

  • Logout, close the session when you're done using the apps

  • Security 101 Guide

Important to remember:

  • Celsius will NEVER ask you for confidential information such as passwords, private keys, seed phrases, or secret codes.

  • Celsius will NEVER ask you to connect your Metamask, Ledger, or similar wallets to your Celsius account.

Security Briefand Overview

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