Promotion Rules

Celsius Promo Terms and Conditions

Version updated May 6, 2021



1. These Promo Terms and Conditions (“Promo Terms”) set out the terms and conditions that commonly apply to promotions offered by Celsius Network Limited, or any of its affiliates (collectively, “Celsius”, “us” or “our”), through its mobile or web applications or its websites (collectively, the “Platform”), including promotions where a user of the Platform (“User” or “you”) utilize a promotional code to receive a bonus or special reward from us (each, a “Promotion” or a “Promo”).

2. Each Promo shall be subject to these Promo Terms and Celsius’ Terms of Use as in effect from time to time (the “Terms of Use”), which shall constitute an integral part of these Promo Terms. In any event of discrepancy between these Promo Terms and the Terms of Use, the former shall govern. By participating or using any Promo, you agree to be fully bound by the Promo Terms, which shall form a binding agreement between you and us. Additionally, any specific terms, limitations or requirements noted within any specific Promo shall form an integral part of the Promo Terms applicable to that Promo.

3. Celsius may amend or update any part of the Promo Term at any time, by publishing an updated version thereof on the Platform, and such amendment or update shall be effective immediately upon its publication.  

4. Celsius may offer different Promos from time to time, and may modify, terminate or revoke the offer of such a Promo. A Promo shall terminate and cease to be active (if not earlier expired in accordance with its terms) once removed from the Platform, and  any User not utilizing any Promo by the time of its expiration or termination, shall not have any rights or claims in connection with such a Promo, including any right to later participate therein.  



5. To participate in any Promo, you must be an active user of the Platform, with an open and active account with Celsius (the “Account”).

6. Celsius may, in its sole discretion, determine that any specific Promo shall only be applicable for a specific group of Users (e.g. new Users, existing Users, Users from specific jurisdictions or meeting other specific requirements or threshold), which shall be noted within the Promo.

7. Any Promo is a limited time offer. If not otherwise stated in the specific Promo, each Promo shall be valid for the period of time such Promo is available on the Platform. Celsius may further limit any Promo by any other factor (e.g. number of eligible participants, total bonus amount, etc.)

8. Unless otherwise stated in any specific Promo, each User may not participate in any single Promo more than once. This includes Users having more than one Celsius Account. 

9. Any Promo, or any Bonus granted thereunder, may not be available in all jurisdictions. Celsius may, in its sole discretion, not allow Users from certain jurisdictions to participate in any Promo, or allocate any Bonus to them in any alternative manner, including in another digital asset.




10. Unless otherwise stated in any specific Promo, any amount, prize or bonus (the “Bonus”) you may receive under any Promo, shall be credited into your Account after meeting all Promo Requirements (as defined below).

11. Celsius reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to provide any Bonus in any digital asset other than the one originally presented as the Bonus. User shall not have a right to redeem any Bonus in any other way other than as provided by Celsius, including not in cash or any other product or service. 

12. When a Bonus is noted in any currency (either fiat or digital asset) to be distributed in any other form (e.g. where a Bonus is noted in $ terms and to be distributed in digital asset), the applicable conversion rate shall be that used by Celsius from time to time for its internal accounting purposes (“Conversion Rate”), at the time of the Trigger Event (as defined below).


Triggering Event

13. Each Promotion shall be subject to the User taking a specific action (“Trigger Events”) within the Promo period. The Trigger Event may be, for example:

     a. Minimum Transfer Amount 

Where a Promo notes a minimum transfer amount, the Trigger Event shall be the User making such transfer of the applicable digital assets into its Celsius Account. Such amount may be limited to any specific digital asset, or to an overall value in any supported digital asset(s) (in which case the applicable conversion rate shall be the Conversion Rate applicable at the time such transfer is received in your Account.

     b. First Tranfer\New Users

The Triggering Event may be limited to a first time transfer into the User’s Account, in which case a minimum transfer amount shall generally also be noted and apply. Such Promos shall only be available to Users who did not make any previous transfers into their Account. Similarly, a Triggering Event may be any initial action, such as downloading the mobile app, opening an Account, etc., in which case a Minimum transfer may not be required. Any such Promo may not be used by existing Users, including by opening a new Account (under their own name or any other name), which shall be a breach of these Promo Terms. 

     c. Drawing a loan

A Triggering Event may be the drawing of a loan from Celsius, with the specific thresholds, amounts, periods etc., as noted in the Promo.

     d. Referrals

Celsius may offer Users Bonuses based on referral of new users to the Platform (“Referral Bonus”). Such Referral bonus shall be triggered by the referred user activating the referring User’s referral code, entitling either the referrer or both the referrer and the referred users a Bonus. Such Referral Bonus shall be triggered by the applicable Trigger Event by the referred user. 

Promo Requirements

14. Each Promotion shall have its own set of requirements, limitations and\or prerequisites (“Promo Requirements”), to be stated in the Promo notification on the Platform. A User shall only be entitled to the Bonus once all Promo Requirements are met, and you should make sure you read and understand the applicable Promo Requirements. 

15. Promo Requirements may include:

     a. Minimum Lock Period

Where a Promo relates to a transfer into your Account and notes a lock period, you may not make any withdrawals from your Account of the minimum transfer amount, or of any funds available in your Account prior to the transfer of such minimum transfer amount, for the applicable lock period, which shall start upon the receipt of the minimum transfer amount in your Account. Any such withdrawal shall revoke your entitlement to the Bonus.

Any amounts transferred in excess of the minimum transfer amount or following its receipt in your Account may be withdrawn at any time, and shall not revoke your Bonus.

     b. Other Requirements

Any Promo may specify additional Promo Requirements, the failure to meet each of which shall disqualify you from being entitled to the Bonus.

     c. Referral Bonus Requirements

A Referral Bonus shall be contingent upon the referred user meeting the applicable Promo Requirements (generally a minimum lock period for the referred user’s minimum first transfer). The referring User acknowledges that the failure of the referred user to meet the applicable Promo Requirements shall revoke the Referral Bonus.




16. Celsius reserves the right to disqualify, revoke or deduct from your Account any Bonus (in addition to taking any additional action and exercising any other right Celsius may have in law, agreement or equity) if it determines, in its sole reasonable discretion, that you:

     a. have violated any term of the Promo Terms (which include this document, the specific terms which may apply to a specific Promo, and the Terms of Use);

      have misused, manipulated or abused any Promo in any way; 

     c. fail to meet any Promo Requirement; or

     d. are no longer eligible, for any reason whatsoever, to use Celsius’ services. 

17. You shall not be entitled to any Bonus requiring any transfer to be made to your Account if, between the time the applicable Promo was published and the time of you making the applicable transfer, you make any withdrawals from your Account. Further, if Celsius identifies that any such funds transferred to your Account were previously moved or withdrawn from any Celsius Account (owned by you or any other person), such a transfer shall not entitle you to any Bonus, and any Bonus granted in connection therewith may be revoked. 


18. Any Promo shall have its specific Promo Requirements, restrictions and limitations. Failure to meet any of these would result in your Bonus being revoked. Celsius may determine the ineligibility of any User to receive any Bonus, and revoke and cancel such Bonus, whether before or after the Bonus is credited to User’s Account, and may deduct any Bonus previously credited to the Account.


Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

19. By participating in any Promo, you agree to release, discharge and hold harmless Celsius, its affiliates, legal representatives, directors and employees from any damages whatsoever suffered or sustained in connection with the Promo or the acceptance or non-acceptance of any Bonus, and to fully indemnify such parties against any and all claims against them or damages they may suffer as a result of your breach of any term of the Promo Terms.

20. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Celsius will not be responsible for any lost profits, revenues, or data, financial losses or indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages with regards to our Promos and Bonuses. In no event shall our total liability to you for all damages under the Promo Terms or any Promotion exceed the amount of the Bonus to which you are or would have been entitled.


21. The Promo Terms, and your participation in any Promo, are subject to Celsius’ Privacy Policy. Celsius will not use your personal information provided or collected as part of any Promo, other than for the purposes of the Promo. We may use such personal information for the purpose of communicating with you and verifying your identity in connection with your participation in the Promo, the grant of any Bonus, and any related matter. 

22. Any error in the terms of any Promo published by Celsius, or in any Bonus promised or delivered to you shall not be binding on Celsius, and you hereby undertake to inform Celsius of any such error to which you may become aware. Celsius shall have the right to amend any such error, and you must not take advantage or misuse any such error. If you have any doubt whether any content or action may be erroneous, you must immediately contact Celsius and inquire of the same, and not act or rely on such potentially erroneous content or action. 

23. Any publication by any third party regarding any Promo or Bonus allegedly offered by Celsius shall not be applicable and shall not bind Celsius unless published on Celsius’ official Platform. Should any Promo or Bonus be mentioned or referred to on any media whatsoever, you must carefully review the terms applicable to such Promo or Bonus on Celsius’ Platform (which includes these Promo Terms).

Any question or issue in connection with any Promo should be sent by email to [email protected].


Promo Code: QUEEN

Get approved for a loan by Sunday, May 2, 2021 and get up to $75 in crypto.


How it works:

1. 📲 Apply for a loan through your Celsius app and get approved by Sunday, May 2, 2021

This loan promotion is only valid for new loans issued in stablecoins (USDC, USDT, TUSD, GUSD) and secured at 25% LTV (0.75-1% APR).


2. 👑 Enter promo code: QUEEN

The promo can be entered before or after you submit your loan request. To enter a promo code, go to the “Profile” section of your Celsius app and select “Enter a promo code. The “QUEEN” promo code is valid from April 15 – May 2, 2021, and you must be approved for a new Celsius loan within this time to be eligible to receive rewards.


3. 💵 Receive funds to your Celsius account

Once your stablecoin loan request is approved, you should receive the stablecoins directly to your Celsius account within 24-48 hours.


4. 🎁 Get rewarded up to $75 in crypto by Saturday, May 15, 2021

Loan amount $500 – <$5,000 = $25 reward

Loan amount $5,000 – <$10,000 = $50 reward

Loan amount $10,000+ = $75 reward


Bonus will be added to your Celsius account by Saturday, May 15, 2021, and will be locked for 6 months of the loan origination date – the bonus will not be eligible to earn rewards in your account and you can not withdraw it until unlocked. If you close your loan before 6 months, your bonus will be canceled. Each customer will be paid one bonus based on the total borrowing amount.


– US customers will be paid rewards in DAI (WA will be paid in BTC)

– Non-US customers will be paid rewards in CEL

– USD value of bonus as per the applicable exchange rate at the time of the distribution of the bonus





The terms of each loan are as set out in the applicable loan agreement. Please read the loan agreement carefully before requesting a loan.

This promo is not financial advice, and you should always consult your independent advisors before making any financial decision.