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ALEX MASHINSKY How Celsius Network Brings Power to the People SuperBitcoin Conference - Dallas
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October 1st 2018

10/1/18 Update from CEO Alex Mashinsky

Happy Monday Everyone, Hope you enjoyed the weekend. We have plenty to look forward to this month. First, we have begun a partnership with Coinlend, allowing us to be featured alongside names like Cobinhood, Bitfinex, etc on their automated lending platform. I was also invited to be their first advisor, which I would happily take on. Speaking of lending, we just made some updates to one of our landing pages, where you’ll see our rates laid out and the process explained in great detail. For those of you who are looking for options, we can go as low as 5% APR on cash loans against your crypto. This is by far the lowest rate that you can get on the market. Apply today if you would like to speak to the sales team about getting a loan.

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March 15th 2018

3 Ways Blockchain is Restructuring Finance

In a recent survey conducted by The Verge, consumers revealed that they trust Amazon with their personal data almost as much as they trust their banks! In fact, people’s admiration for tech companies -- the Amazons, Apples, Googles, and Facebooks of the world -- is something financial services firms should worry about. Given the rising interest in Bitcoin and blockchain technology, it is safe to assume that the next tech upstart will emerge from this space. So, it’s time we take a look at 3 ways the blockchain is currently restructuring the financial services industry.

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