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Our goal is to allow anyone and everyone to unbank themselves and enjoy financial freedom. We provide access to fair, rewarding, and transparent financial services and support our Celsians through a personalized, intuitive Customer Care experience.


Yes, HODL That's not a typo!

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At Celsius, we place the interests of the people first. That means communicating with Celsians across a variety of channels, including email and phone service, to give you the best experience we can. In order to do what is best for the community, we must explore uncharted territory to create for the good, not just for the profitable.

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Yes, HODL. That's not a typo!

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The Celsius Customer Care team will never ask you to:

1. Share your password, your Pin or 2-step verification codes. You should never share this information with anyone!

2. Transfer coins to an unknown wallet.

3. Install any remote sign-in software on your computer or send you links with any kind of software to install.

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Don't feel like speaking to us or you have a request outside of our call hours? Just use our web form here and write to us. A customer care expert will contact you as soon as possible.

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