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Becoming an Ambassador - Earn up to $100!

Love Celsius and want to do more? Apply to be a Celsius Ambassador to help bring the next 100 Million People to crypto! Get exclusive access to upcoming Celsius news, ambassador promotions and contests, and the Celsius Network team.

As an ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to make some extra cash as well!

  • Referral program A new user enters your referral code upon signup, upon them transferring $200 and holding it for 30 days, you will both receive $20!
  • Affiliate program A new user clicks on your affiliate link (found here) and creates an account. After a $200 in transfers is held in their account for 30 days you will receive $50!
  • Exclusive Ambassador rewards Ambassadors are always given first access to new rewards and tools. Currently, ambassadors are earning $100 for every loan client they refer to Celsius.

So what do ambassadors do?

Our ambassadors utilize their unique skills to help Celsius grow! Below are some examples of the excellent work of our ambassador community:

  • Videos in other languages
  • Blogs and reviews
  • Social media posts
  • Websites dedicated to Celsius
  • Tutorials
  • Competitor comparisons
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Featured Ambassadors



Celsians is a community organization that tracks Celsius’ on chain wallets, transactions, and payments. This group has a huge presence in Twitter and an extremely helpful website!

Referral code: 138507bbbe

Scott Taylor


Scott is a U.S. based ambassador that has a thriving youtube channel and has been a huge supporter of Celsius for quite some time. Scott has a knack for explaining Celsius in a simple and easily understandable way which has in part led to his fantastic success as an ambassador!

Referral code: 17178716ce

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