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Love Celsius and want to do more? Apply to be a Celsius Ambassador to help bring the next 100 Million People to crypto! Get exclusive access to upcoming Celsius news, ambassador promotions and contests, and the Celsius team.

As an ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to make some extra cash as well!

Referral Program

A new user enters your referral code upon signup, upon them transferring $400 and holding it for 30 days, you will both receive $50!

Affiliate Program

Refer a qualified affiliate who transfers $400+ into their account, and does not make any withdrawals for 30 days. You will receive $50!

Global Scale

We are constantly looking for more ambassadors all around the world. Help us reach the goal of 100 million users, anywhere in the world.

So what doAmbassadors do?

Our ambassadors utilize their unique skills to help Celsius grow! Below are some examples of the excellent work of our ambassador community:

Talk to Others

Competitor comparisons

Websites dedicated to Celsius

Social media posts & pages

Tutorials & walkthroughs

Blogs & reviews

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Featured Ambassadors


Scott Taylor

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Scott is a U.S. based ambassador that has a thriving YouTube channel and has been a huge supporter of Celsius for quite some time. Scott has a knack for explaining Celsius in a simple and easily understandable way which has in part led to his fantastic success as an ambassador!



Referral Code:


I am an Engineer, a Father and an early Celsian who is passionate about Data and Crypto. I created CelsiusHub because I felt the need to give my contribution and help Celsius fulfil its mission to bring 100M people to the Blockchain.Now every Celsian has a tool to instantly understand how fast the network is growing, and many more amazing things will come soon. Stay tuned!


Aaron Bennett

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Showing you how to crush it financially - one video at a time!


Digital Asset News

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Taking the top stories in Cryptocurrency / Digital Assets and break it down into bite size pieces

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