We believe in a

new economy

An economy where financial freedom doesn’t come with a price tag. Where the interests of the people are put first. Where ethical behavior is the baseline, and where everyone – and we mean everyone – has the opportunity to succeed financially. With a little bit of humanity and honesty, and the power of a digital currency that’s as strong as it is accessible, we’re ushering in the new economy today.

Celsius is proud to provide a platform of curated services that have been abandoned by big banks – things like fair interest, zero fees, and lightning quick transactions. Our goal is to disrupt the financial industry, one happy user at a time, and introduce financial freedom through crypto.

How we got to

where we are

Because the future of finance doesn’t happen overnight.



Our founders Alex and Daniel draw up the plan for Celsius on a coffee shop napkin



Celsius completes its successful Initial Coin Offering, making CEL Tokens available worldwide


Version 1.0 of the Celsius app is launched


Celsius users receive their first rewards via the Celsius app


Celsius exceeds $50m in community assets and $100m in coin loan origination, a significant milestone



Version 3.0 of the Celsius app is launched with a new, more user-friendly interface


More and more people join the Celsius community as we exceed $200m in community assets and $1.2b in coin loan origination


Celsius is now available in over 100 countries around the world



In a new round of funding, Celsius is made available to all potential investors, not just venture capitalists

It's in

the numbers

Customers like to be treated fairly (who knew).


In loan processed


Number of users


In community assets

It's in

the people

We’ve got some smart cookies here at Celsius, people committed to doing good and doing well. Here’s a message straight from them:

Meet the team

“We believe in the power of disruption. A community-oriented system can act in the best interest of everyone, and that’s what we’re here to build. We learned that from our advisor and the original inventor of Blockchain, Dr. W. Scott Stornetta. With our diverse skillset and innovative spirit, we can change the equation and bring power back to the people! We hope you’ll join us.”

Making waves.

Making news.