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9/17/18 Update from CEO Alex Mashinsky

Date: September 18, 2018 / Category: Updates

Hello all-

I hope all is well. I just recently returned from my trip to Boston for Tokenfest. We had a lot of fun there and got many compliments on our booth.

At the conference I got to speak about how our product works and the fact that our custodian BitGo was recently approved by the SEC. This is very big for the industry and our app users, as you can rest assured your coins are safe with us.

Interview on The Dashcast

Last week I got a chance to speak to one of the most trusted figures in the crypto world, Nicholas Merten, also known as Datadash. We had a great podcast that got some good feedback from his fanbase.

New Website Content!

If you check out our website you’ll see our rates are posted there daily, allowing you to stay up to date and seamlessly deposit your coins in the app or through our form.

When adoption?

So far we are approaching 40,000 downloads of our app, and the weekly download rate for Android has been going up +40% these past couple of weeks. Happy to see the community of HODLers growing.

When rates?

As you have noticed, we are now accepting dollar deposits and our list of coins is also getting bigger practically every week. Check below for rates and restrictions. Email with any questions.

Celsius Interest

When referral fee?

Due to demand from our partners for borrowing tens of thousands of coins, we are rewarding members with referral fees if they can refer us to ICOs, funds, etc. who want to earn interest with us or get a loan.

Simply open the app and push the “Profile” button to generate a referral link to share with your friends & you’ll be rewarded for bringing people in. We hope this incentivizes you to get in touch with projects like this so we can grow our community. Please reach out to if you have someone interested and ready to deposit.

When Loans?

If you haven’t already, be sure to download the app. Whether you are using your coins for a loan or not, you might as well earn interest while you consider it. We are still shooting for mid-to-late November to open up our app for getting loans at the retail level. We have the best rates for loans against your crypto, and we are the only company to offer loans against alt coins such as NEO and ADA. If you need a cash loan against your crypto, reach out to or apply here.

When meet?

I will be speaking at a few events this week in NYC. At the SDG Frontier Finance Summit I will be speaking at the U.N. with tech leaders who are passionate about committing to the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals. Some exciting announcements will be made, so stay tuned. Our office is always open to HODLers who want to visit.

Have a great week everyone.


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