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7/2/18 Product Update from Keith Baumwald, CMO / CPO

Date: July 2, 2018 / Category: Updates

Hello everyone-

Welcome to July! We’ve decided to move our updates to Mondays from now on. This will make it easier for us to respond quickly to any comments or questions you have on Telegram.

App version 1.0

Per our roadmap, I’m very happy to report that we soft launched version 1.0 of the app at the end of last week for both Apple and Android. The team and I are very proud of this first version of the app and the fact that we stuck to our timeline. This is just the first step in the long road ahead of us to bring the next 100 million people into crypto. If you haven’t already, please download the app and let us know what you think. We’d also love for you to give us a review.

Version 1.0 brings a fully functioning wallet for depositing and withdrawing bitcoin and ethereum. We’re working closely with BitGo and hope to include the ability to deposit CEL tokens by the end of the summer. This functionality will allow us to directly deposit CEL earned as interest to members’ wallets in the app.

Some folks in Telegram have been asking what will happen with the ETH/BTC being currently deposited into the app. For now, nothing. We’re still working out the legalities of where and when we can distribute interest to our users while remaining compliant. As soon as we’re able, we’ll let you know when app users will be able to start earning interest.

We’re finalizing the details for our sprint schedule for the rest of the summer. In the meantime, version 1.1 is due to be released in a little less than 2 weeks and will consist mostly of minor bug and UX/UI fixes (about 100 issues logged so far) that we weren’t able to take care of during the last week of June. I’ll give some more detail on what will be in version 1.2, 1.3, etc. in my next update.

Our current sprint schedule looks like this:

  • Sprint 16 – ends July 4th
  • Sprint 17 – ends July 11th

Website Version 2.0

We’ve completed the wireframes for the new version of the homepage and now we’re working on tweaking the UI and messaging. This version of the site will have a lot more information about the project, the token and the team. So that when we do our next marketing push, we can easily explain to new members who we are and what our mission is all about.  I’ll share some sneak peaks in my next update.

When Marketing?

We’ve started to get things moving on the marketing side but want to make sure that when we make a big, coordinated push, it’s in alignment with some of our other initiatives. We also want to add some more additional functionality to the app that will provide real value before putting serious money into marketing the app.

That being said, we had a great feature over the weekend in Forbes: “Bitcoin & Beyond: Can Blockchain Bring In ‘The Masses’ To Realize Its Full Potential?”

Tell Us What You Want

Thanks much to our beta testers who gave us some great feedback over the past week or so. One of the big features people have been requesting is 2FA via Google and not just SMS, we’ll add this to our roadmap. Please keep the feature requests coming our way.

In addition, if you’ve got a few minutes, we’d love to know if you plan to borrow fiat, lend crypto and earn interest or short the market when we go live with these features later this year.

Once Again, Thank You!

Alex and I will continue our updates every other week, they’ll just be on Mondays moving forward. As always, if you have any questions or comments please PM me on Telegram (@keithbaumwald) or shoot me an email at

Have a great week CELmates!

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