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6/8/2018 Update from Alex Mashinsky

Date: June 8, 2018 / Category: Updates

Hi everyone-

I’m back in New York City this week.

In the beginning of last week, I had the opportunity to do a keynote speech at Blockshow Europe. We also got the chance to meet with quite a few our European community members as well as some potential partners for the future.


I also got a chance to sit down with CNBC’s Crypto Trader again for another interview.

I wrote a response to Warren Buffet last week as well, please check it out if you haven’t already: “Warren Buffet Calls Bitcoin “Rat Poison Squared” — Don’t Believe Him

When Interest?

While we plan to start offering interest to our users later this year, we have already started testing the different instruments we’ll use to make this happen. Last week we bought the first 80 ETH worth of CEL tokens from interest we earned on our current crypto assets. This demonstrates the first time our token economics wheels were in motion and we hope to increase what we buy each week.  

When exchange?

I’m well aware this question is on everyone’s minds and it’s one of our top priorities at the moment. We’re looking to coordinate the launch of our app version 1.0 with making CEL tokens available on the exchanges.

When partners?

We have a few contracts that are being redlined at the moment that we hope to finalize in the next week or two so that we can make announcements. We’re very excited about some of the partnerships we have in the pipeline and we continue to talk to banks, OTC desks, hedge funds, etc. on a daily basis.

When iOS?

Version 0.2 of our app is now live and has been released on both the Android and iOS stores. We’re very happy about this, as it should make future releases much easier to get approved by Apple.



In case you missed Keith’s update last week, things are progressing well on the development side and we’re still on track to hit our goal of releasing version 1.0 of the app by the end of this month. This version will allow users to deposit ETH and BTC into their Celsius wallets.

When meet?

I will be speaking twice next week in New York. First, I’ll be on a panel at the BCI Summit on June 12th and that same day I’ll also be doing a keynote at the World Blockchain Forum. We will have a booth, so please stop by.

A production crew also came by the office this week. We’ll be featured in a series about blockchain and cryptocurrency that’s already airing on one of the major streaming services.

In the next few weeks you can see me and some of the team at the following events. We’d love to meet you, so please come say hello:

6/11 – 6/12 –  BCI Summit, New York, Alex will be on a panel

6/12 – Masters of Blockchain and ICO night launching Andrew Roman’s latest book, New York, Alex will be on a panel

6/11 – 6/13 – World Blockchain Forum New York 2018, Alex will deliver a keynote

6/16 – 6/19 –  Blockchain Economic Forum, San Francisco, Daniel will be on a panel

When AMA?
Lastly, I would like to do another AMA with our community. We’ll be live on Thursday, June 14th, at 12 o’clock Eastern time (16:00 UTC), so please join me.



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