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6/15/18 Product Update from Keith Baumwald, CMO / CPO

Date: June 15, 2018 / Category: Updates

Hello everyone-

I’m excited to be celebrating my 6-month anniversary at Celsius today. It’s been great to be back in New York City with the team for the past week and a half. We’ve been putting together our marketing plan for the summer to spread the word about the next version of our app that should be coming out in a few weeks.

App version 0.2
If you didn’t see our emails or telegram messages, the latest version of our app is out for both iOS and Android. Please download the app and give us a review if you have time.

App version 1.0
Sprint 12 came to a close this week on Wednesday and we’ve managed to stay on schedule. The latest version has been pushed to staging so we can do testing. We’ll be spending the next week QA’ing mostly the KYC functionality and some of the wallet features that have already been implemented.

Under the hood we’re also working on the dashboard we’ll be using here internally to help manage some of our backend processes and also to help users when they have issues with KYC or resetting their passwords, etc. This is part of the system users will never see but critical for us to be able to manage the platform.

I’ll be back in Belgrade next week along with Nuke to work with the team face to face as we get closer to our first big deadline.

Here’s how our current sprint schedule is shaking out for the rest of the month:

  • Sprint 12 – ended June 13th
    • Serbia vs. Costa Rica on June 17th
  • Sprint 13/QA week – ends June 20th (Keith/Nuke in Belgrade)
    • Serbia vs. Switzerland on June 22nd
  • Sprint 14/Release date – June 27th
    • Serbia vs. Brazil on June 27th (will there be an upset?)

When Marketing?
We’ve spoken to 4 or 5 PR firms this week and we’ll be bringing someone on board in the next week or two to help us start to ramp up some buzz as we get ready for the first major release of the app. We’re also strategizing about how to leverage what we’re doing across all our different marketing channels to make sure we get the word out.

When Swag?
Right now! We just soft launched our shop after getting many, many requests from our users for a place to buy some HODL/Celsius gear. Please let us know what other items you’d like us to add.

Want to Beta Test?
If you want early access to our app, we’re looking for some folks to help us beta test the app over the next week or two. Please email me at, or better yet fill out this form if you’re interested.

Alex will be back next week with his regular update – in case you missed it, please check out his AMA from yesterday.

If you have any questions or comments please PM me on Telegram (@keithbaumwald) or shoot me an email at

Enjoy the world cup this weekend.

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