5/18/18 Product Update from Keith Baumwald, CMO / CPO

Date: May 18, 2018 / Category: Updates

Hello everyone-

Nuke (EVP of R&D) and I spent the past week in Belgrade with our team of engineers to see how things were progressing with our product development (that’s me standing on the left – you can see my haircut is quite popular there).

App version 0.2

During the Crowdsale we released the alpha version of our app (Version 0.1) which was published on the Android store but rejected by Apple after a very long review process. We made some improvements to this version with added functionality we’ll use in the first true version of the app to be released next month. The team hit their past few sprint deadlines and the app is currently on staging and being QA’d internally.

Our plan is to release the next version of the app at the beginning of next week for both Android and Apple. The review process for Apple last time took weeks before we got the first response and feedback from them, hopefully, this time it will be faster.

You may have noticed the Android version of the app disappeared from the Google Play store – this was due to an issue with the credit card we were using and we’ve been contacting them daily to get this resolved.

App version 1.0

This is the version of the app you’ve been waiting for us to release that will also include the ability to deposit (some) coins/tokens to your wallet. I spent quite a bit of time last week working on the wireframes and UI with Antun and Malisa. We created stories in Jira after discussing the wireframes with the whole dev team and put together a sprint schedule accordingly that goes from Friday to Friday.

Our timelines are very tight, with very little room for anything to slip in order for us to be able to release the app by the end of June.

Our biggest dependency at the moment is on the 3rd party partner we’re using that will provide the security and storage for everyone’s crypto, commonly referred to as a “custodian.” We have partnered with a company (whose name we can’t disclose for security reasons) who will act as a vault and custodian for all the cryptocurrency deposited into our wallet in order to ensure the highest levels of security.

Currently, there’s a 50/50 chance we will be able to stick to this roadmap without a delay of a week or two. We should have a better idea next week one way or the other if we’ll be able to release version 1.0 at the end of June or whether it will be mid-July. If we need to delay, I will send an updated roadmap but we’re doing our best to hit our Q2 milestone of releasing the app with a working wallet.

Our current sprint schedule looks like this:
Sprint 9 – ends 25/5
Sprint 10 – ends 1/6 (Keith in Belgrade)
Sprint 11 – ends 8/6
Sprint 12 – ends 15/6
QA week – ends 22/6 (Keith/Nuke in Belgrade)
Release date – 27/6

Website Version 2.0

In conjunction with the app, we’re also working on a new homepage and content that better reflects our goals and mission. The plan is for the new homepage to also launch in late June around the same time we release the app.

When marketing?

We’ve purposely been holding off on doing lots of marketing since the end of the Crowdsale because we believe we needed to focus on building the first iteration of our product so that we have something tangible to market other than just hype. I want to make sure that when we spend marketing money, it aligns to both our short and long-term goals – we believe this strategy will have the biggest impact and ROI.


I want to personally thank everyone who participates in our Telegram and provides us with invaluable feedback around the clock. We’re building Celsius for our community, and you’re an integral part of that, so please continue to provide us with your input whenever you can and we’ll do our best to be as active and responsive as we can in the Telegram channel.

I will do my best to provide ongoing updates every other week to keep everyone in the loop on how we’re progressing. If you have any questions or comments please PM me on Telegram (@keithbaumwald) or shoot me an email at keith@celsius.network.

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