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10/1/18 Update from CEO Alex Mashinsky

Date: October 1, 2018 / Category: Updates

Happy Monday Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed the weekend. We have plenty to look forward to this month. First, we have begun a partnership with Coinlend, allowing us to be featured alongside names like Cobinhood, Bitfinex, etc on their automated lending platform. I was also invited to be their first advisor, which I would happily take on.

Speaking of lending, we just made some updates to one of our landing pages, where you’ll see our rates laid out and the process explained in great detail. For those of you who are looking for options, we can go as low as 5% APR on cash loans against your crypto. This is by far the lowest rate that you can get on the market. Apply today if you would like to speak to the sales team about getting a loan.

We’ve also had many newcomers to our platform recently. If this is your first time seeing this newsletter, feel free to check out my podcast with Datadash, and the announcement about us working with a U.N. Initiative the other week to catch up on what we’ve been up to.

Here are our current interest rates. You’ll see we added a new alt coin, Bitcoin Cash. More coins on our platform means more opportunity for HODLers. For off-app coin deposits, please contact

And finally, if you are in San Francisco, Miami, or Las Vegas, I will be at a conference near you. Please come say hi. I welcome anyone who wants to talk about the industry and how we’ll bring in the next 100 million crypto adopters.

Talk soon,


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