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The Official Top 100 HODLers List

Where do you rank?

Check out our list of rock star CEL token HODLers! Think you recognize an account? Send us an email from the address associated with your account with your preferred nickname and avatar. We'd love to give you the credit you deserve!

Rank 1|AvatarThe Machine|67,116,710 CEL
Rank 2|AvatarThe Politician|20,945,878 CEL
Rank 3|AvatarAI|10,184,426 CEL
Rank 4|AvatarUser 4|9,056,315 CEL
Rank 5|AvatarThe Godfather|6,592,692 CEL
Rank 6|AvatarUser 6|4,269,657 CEL
Rank 7|AvatarBiya|4,202,645 CEL
Rank 8|AvatarUser 8|3,919,779 CEL
Rank 9|AvatarBrian|3,263,674 CEL
Rank 10|AvatarUser 10|3,001,701 CEL
Rank 11|AvatarUser 11|2,000,001 CEL
Rank 12|AvatarUser 12|1,946,971 CEL
Rank 13|AvatarUser 13|1,869,135 CEL
Rank 14|AvatarUser 14|1,562,914 CEL
Rank 15|AvatarGarfield|1,452,404 CEL
Rank 16|AvatarUser 16|1,319,931 CEL
Rank 17|AvatarHan Celo|1,266,166 CEL
Rank 18|AvatarUser 18|1,230,390 CEL
Rank 19|AvatarUser 19|1,159,574 CEL
Rank 20|AvatarUser 20|1,137,824 CEL
Rank 21|AvatarUser 21|1,081,966 CEL
Rank 22|AvatarUser 22|1,034,870 CEL
Rank 23|AvatarUser 23|1,034,590 CEL
Rank 24|AvatarUser 24|968,372 CEL
Rank 25|AvatarUser 25|941,660 CEL
Rank 26|AvatarUser 26|928,418 CEL
Rank 27|AvatarUser 27|926,910 CEL
Rank 28|AvatarUser 28|921,003 CEL
Rank 29|AvatarCELpound to $10|907,463 CEL
Rank 30|AvatarUser 30|904,952 CEL
Rank 31|AvatarUser 31|904,629 CEL
Rank 32|AvatarUser 32|893,894 CEL
Rank 33|AvatarUser 33|842,947 CEL
Rank 34|AvatarUser 34|831,027 CEL
Rank 35|AvatarUser 35|824,360 CEL
Rank 36|AvatarUser 36|764,256 CEL
Rank 37|AvatarUser 37|756,082 CEL
Rank 38|AvatarUser 38|744,879 CEL
Rank 39|AvatarUser 39|739,836 CEL
Rank 40|AvatarUser 40|713,036 CEL
Rank 41|AvatarUser 41|693,625 CEL
Rank 42|AvatarUser 42|675,460 CEL
Rank 43|AvatarMr Pink|655,741 CEL
Rank 44|AvatarUser 44|640,043 CEL
Rank 45|AvatarUser 45|606,757 CEL
Rank 46|AvatarUser 46|586,330 CEL
Rank 47|AvatarUser 47|578,820 CEL
Rank 48|AvatarUser 48|576,404 CEL
Rank 49|AvatarUser 49|561,546 CEL
Rank 50|Avatar|528,560 CEL
Rank 51|AvatarUser 51|526,494 CEL
Rank 52|AvatarUser 52|523,704 CEL
Rank 53|AvatarUser 53|510,038 CEL
Rank 54|AvatarUser 54|499,665 CEL
Rank 55|AvatarUser 55|498,729 CEL
Rank 56|AvatarUser 56|472,820 CEL
Rank 57|AvatarUser 57|465,228 CEL
Rank 58|AvatarUser 58|465,149 CEL
Rank 59|AvatarUser 59|463,736 CEL
Rank 60|AvatarUser 60|459,817 CEL
Rank 61|AvatarUser 61|439,207 CEL
Rank 62|AvatarUser 62|437,126 CEL
Rank 63|AvatarUser 63|432,001 CEL
Rank 64|AvatarUser 64|431,884 CEL
Rank 65|AvatarUser 65|412,177 CEL
Rank 66|AvatarUser 66|403,864 CEL
Rank 67|AvatarJML|400,468 CEL
Rank 68|AvatarUser 68|400,000 CEL
Rank 69|AvatarUser 69|396,836 CEL
Rank 70|AvatarUser 70|391,597 CEL
Rank 71|AvatarUser 71|381,725 CEL
Rank 72|AvatarUser 72|374,617 CEL
Rank 73|AvatarUser 73|372,144 CEL
Rank 74|AvatarUser 74|363,507 CEL
Rank 75|AvatarUser 75|354,968 CEL
Rank 76|AvatarHODL ON|348,790 CEL
Rank 77|AvatarUser 77|335,500 CEL
Rank 78|AvatarUser 78|332,084 CEL
Rank 79|AvatarUser 79|327,309 CEL
Rank 80|AvatarUser 80|324,466 CEL
Rank 81|AvatarTribute to Crow|322,154 CEL
Rank 82|AvatarUser 82|307,987 CEL
Rank 83|AvatarUser 83|303,322 CEL
Rank 84|AvatarUser 84|298,835 CEL
Rank 85|AvatarThe Peo|289,335 CEL
Rank 86|AvatarUser 86|289,153 CEL
Rank 87|AvatarUser 87|284,887 CEL
Rank 88|AvatarUser 88|284,479 CEL
Rank 89|AvatarWiseRafiki|283,449 CEL
Rank 90|AvatarThe Nephilim|279,109 CEL
Rank 91|AvatarTex|277,938 CEL
Rank 92|AvatarUser 92|276,911 CEL
Rank 93|AvatarSplinter|272,513 CEL
Rank 94|AvatarUser 94|268,472 CEL
Rank 95|AvatarUser 95|267,006 CEL
Rank 96|AvatarUser 96|264,628 CEL
Rank 97|AvatarHikkyboy|263,291 CEL
Rank 98|AvatarUser 98|263,062 CEL
Rank 99|AvatarUser 99|262,958 CEL
Rank 100|AvatarUser 100|261,105 CEL

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