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We are so proud to be working with some of the most innovative, transparent, and honest companies in the digital asset industry today. Check out our current partners.


“Our goal is it to give our users the possibility to track all their passive income streams in one platform. We think Celsius is one of the most convenient and most trustworthy ways to passively grow their cryptocurrency stash.

We are very proud that we established such great partnership as well as a great integration with Celsius!”

Jan Pumpe

Co-Founder and CEO


Monarch’s mission is to empower people to control all aspects of their finances from the palm of their hand. This partnership is an amazing win for the crypto community; we can all agree the current banking system has failed us all, and we are excited to partner with Alex and the team to be the solution. Celsius has honored us in partnership and we look forward to bringing power back to the people, together.

Robert Beatles

CEO & Founder


Amon shares with Celsius the missions of crypto adoption and an unbanking revolution. Our partnership allows Amon users to benefit from the investment and loan products that are complementary to our card and AI products.

In a bear market, users hold. In a bull market, users spend. Thanks to Celsius, we can offer both solutions to our users.

Daniele Izzo

Co-Founder and CEO


Infinito’s mission is to prove the power beyond cryptocurrency of blockchain to users and thus, bring mass adoption to this ground-breaking technology.

The partnership between Infinito Wallet and Celsius is our very first step to foster the possibilities of cryptocurrency for users. Celsius’s innovative lending and borrowing platform is an interesting opportunity for crypto holders to earn weekly rewards. Our users can now do more with their coins and tokens and fully enjoy all the benefits of blockchain.

Jack Thang Nguyen

Co-Founder and CEO

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Partners can access Celsius' growing pool of digital assets with terms suited to a wide range of borrowing needs. At least 80% of revenue generated from institutional loans are then paid back to the Celsius community in the form of weekly rewards.

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