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Celsius institutional partners can access Celsius’ growing pool of digital assets with terms suited for a wide range of borrowing needs. Up to 80% of revenue generated from institutional loans are then distributed back to the community on a weekly basis.

In addition to lending services, corporate partners also have access to Celsius’ complete product suite of tailored solutions to address their specific needs.

To become a Corporate Partner please fill out our Onboarding Application.

If you have questions about our Corporate Partner program or would like additional information about our offerings please contact [email protected]

Celsius believes in passive income for all. This is why we have led the way in developing best-in-class API’s for yield-bearing accounts. Whether you are an exchange, wallet, custodian or simply a platform that is interested in providing your users with yield on their assets, we have just the product for you.

Through Celsius’ API solutions you can provide your users with the ability to earn the same rates they would receive in the Celsius wallet, along with all the benefits that currently make Celsius a market leading product including: no fees, no lock-ups and no minimum or maximum requirements.

To learn more check out our API Documentation.

If you’re ready to implement Celsius API’s today, or need additional information, please direct your requests to [email protected]

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