October 26th, 2017 · Sadia Sarwar · Company

Growing the Celsius Community

We are switching gears at Celsius Network. Our core team has been travelling non-stop, attending various blockchain conferences and spreading the Celsius message. Meanwhile, our tech team has been working diligently to perfect the Celsius product. With message and product in place, we decided to host an event titled, “Ethereum’s Future” to build the Celsius community.

We assembled a panel of blockchain and crypto experts that included Chris Dannen (@chrisdannen), Samira Sohail (@samirastalks) and Alex Price (from Qu Capital) with Gal Mordechai (@gal_mordechai) as moderator, to hold a lively discourse about the future of the bustling technology known as blockchain. David Brill (@davidhbrill), our Co-Founder & General Counsel, also joined the panel after Alex Mashinsky, our CEO kicked things off with a keynote address.

The Next 100 Million ETH Users

The best way for the exciting new technology of cryptocurrencies to keep its momentum is through a large user base. Thus, we asked ourselves, how could we help bring in the next 100 million Ethereum users and sustain the blockchain transformation? The future of this tech is intertwined with the number of users that believe in it and then adopt it. So, then we asked ourselves, what could we do for Ethereum’s future? And hence, the central theme of the evening.

At Celsius, we see the millennial generation as holding the key to the future of the blockchain. This cohort (aka Gen Y) represents the largest group of people who are most likely to take to it, so we decided to create a product that they need most — revolutionary banking technique that pays them 5-7% interest on their crypto coins.

Not only do we at Celsius Network want to help solve the millennial plight, but we also want to help build communities of people that are interested in high-tech and the next wave of innovation. That is why plan to have more events similar to “Ethereum’s Future.” Next up, we intend to hold Ted Talk-style monthly events called BlockTalks.

Behind the Scenes

We co-hosted “Ethereum’s Future” with YJP and SOSA — two organizations that we believe represent the exciting millennial audience in the Big Apple. With these two organizations’ help as well as Alex’s diligent networking efforts, we were able assemble a panel that not is emblematic of our brand: exciting, thoughtful and fresh.

Since our team is spread out across the globe, we wanted to broadcast the event live so that everybody could participate in some way. To our surprise, in addition to the 200+ guests in person, some 6,700 viewers tuned in to the live broadcast as well!

It might be cliché to say that it was a logistics nightmare, combining all the players, designing the posters, marketing the event and compiling a thorough guest list while keeping the food and drinks in plenty of supply, all on short notice, but it was worth it!

Our goal was to reach out to the tech community and expand on the transformative nature of the blockchain and the part Celsius will play in it. We’re feeling good and excited to press forward!