Celsians Care Fund

In response to recent events, some members of the Celsius community had the inspiring idea to start a compensation fund to assist those who may have lost their crypto assets. We’re happy to share that we have set up the Celsians Care Fund under following addresses to accept contributions:


CEL: 0x54BD1BaeB7b860119253f5bB56250F8aFb2a22c4

BTC: 1KBdR5jQ9unrGxevHnFdFwphpu1nS7AD6E

ETH: 0x7DBe022DcDef584E68bb5D75EfBac4BD3f4a53b7


As we evaluate the broader impact on the Celsius community, we will determine how to appropriately match any community contributions that are donated to these wallets.


Read Celsius Founder and CEO Alex Mashinsky’s full statement here