The Crypto-Themed Valentines You Didn’t Know You Needed

Date: February 13, 2020 / Category: Blog

Here at Celsius, we know the value of a long-term investment. Whether that’s your digital assets, your relationship, or both, we’ve got covered with some punny words of wisdom this V-Day! Check out our Celsius valentines below, download and share your favorites with your loved ones, and help us spread some crypto-backed love this Valentine’s Day 💞

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Are you my Celsius wallet?

’Cause you’ve got my interest

Are you BTC?

’Cause I wanna HODL your assets

Proto-Call Me

Is BTC dropping?

Or am I just falling for you?

Are you my Celsius loan?

’Cause I wanna pay you some interest

Wanna join an exchange?

’Cause we’d make a good pair

Are you BTC?

’Cause you got me thinking long-term

Are you tokenized?

’Cause I like the way your assets are performing

Do we share a Celsius wallet?

’Cause we’ve got mutual interest

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