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Date: February 2, 2020 / Category: Blog

It’s funny how the world has finally realized that pets are much more than just man’s best friend. Our lovely pals on four are now providing us with emotional support on planes, helping kick criminals off the street and rendering us with love while we work to change the world for the better at the office. So on that note, here are some of Celsius Network’s CHOs (Chief of Happiness Officers) who do just that:

Laimi 🌭 +🍕= 😻

Location 🌍: TLV

This is Laimi, a 3-year-old Dachshund and a native to Tel Aviv, Israel. He loves going on walks (especially to the dog park) and will confidently bring you his leash if he hears any word that might sound even a little like the word “outside.”

Here are some Laimi fun facts:

  • Laimi is bilingual and can understand both Hebrew and English (although his vocabulary, like his legs, could use some depth).
  • His favourite food is pizza 🍕 (just like his human)
  • His favourite pastimes include waking his human up before dawn and barking at nothing for hours on end 💤.
  • Laimi is a champion snuggler and borderline-neurotic household pet.
  • Laimi lives by the mantra: “Small Legs & Big Dreams”.
  • He seeks to love and be loved, and if you give him some treats, you may just be on the receiving end of some seriously sweet Laimi snuggles 🐶 😍 .

🖼 🐶 IG: @laimitheweenie

Zeus : 🐈 👀 🐕 💨

Location 🌍: TLV

Meet Zeus! A 6-year-old Australian Shepard Mix rescue found wandering the beaches of Tel Aviv. Zeus is all about that Tel Aviv dog life — where all dogs are welcomed almost anywhere! Including malls, restaurants, bars, beaches and more.

Some Zeus Fun Facts:

  • His favourite thing to do is chase cats and pretend to play with them when he’s really trying to eat them 😹
  • He has been appointed CHO (Chief Hairy Officer) at Celsius Network due to the large amounts of hair he leaves behind.
  • At 28 Kilo, Zeus has no concept of personal space and can be seen plopping his entire body weight onto anyone for endless amounts of snuggles and slobbers.

🖼 🐶IG: @zeustlv6

Ziggy 🍖 + 🐶 = 😍

Location 🌍: NYC

Meet Ziggy, he’s an 11-year-old, mini, piebald, Dachshund who is a mischievous weasel. Ziggy spends most of his day burrowed underneath blankets, but when he isn’t burying himself, he’s chasing his cat sister around the house or seagulls at the beach.

Ziggy Fun Facts:

  • Ziggy is a lover of all food and treats. His only motivation is human food, and by any means necessary.
  • Ziggy loves clothes and wearing pyjamas.
  • He can’t deal being without his stuffed polar bear 😊
  • He goes by several names ranging from; Zigmund, to the Zigster, Ziggy Smalls, and of course, Ween! The rest aren’t PG… 😜
  • He is a professional snuggler and serves as a heating pad to those in need.
  • Have any type of meat in the form of a treat and you just made a new buddy.

🖼 🐶IG: @ZiggyWeenie

Zoe & Tippy 🐶 + 😽 = 💛

Location 🌍: NYC

Zoe –Golden retriever, turning 7 on 12–12. She is described as a cartoon character. Thinks she is 5 pounds and always wants to snuggle, lick your face off.

  • She randomly howls throughout the day because she is either getting too much affection or not enough.
  • We call her “Pretty” and she always smiles in return.
  • Loves her cat brother tippy. They snuggle and play all the time.

Tippy Likely around 7 years old. If we could clone him, we would. Other than him destroying our furniture, he is the nicest most affectionate cat that you can play with like you would with a dog.

  • He loves playing with his dog sister
  • loves to hunt for stuff at night

Jane 😍 👼

Location 🌍: NYC

This is Jane. She is a two-year-old Boston Terrier/Beagle mix. She has been described as “dainty,” “so sweet,” “gentle,” and “a complete terror.” All are accurate.

  • Jane likes to HODL on to her toys as if they gain interest with time.
  • She is just cutest!

Amos 🐺

Location 🌍: TLV

Meet the handsome Amos. His mommy went to a wedding, drank too much alcohol decided she wants to adopt a bunny, went to the shelter, and got Amos instead. She describes this as love at first sight, especially as Amos has pointy ears, so kind of like a bunny 😃
Amos absolutely loves getting belly rubs and playing model whenever there’s a camera around. Amos admits — he is too snobby for tricks, you should do tricks for him and not the other way around 😜

Some straight-up Amos facts:

  • Favourite food/ treats: beef jerkies
  • His breed: 50% German Shepard 50% Canaan.
  • His mommy believes he is actually a cat stuck inside a dog’s body.

Marlow 🍫 🐶

Location 🌍: Denver

Say hello to dear Marlow 😍who is a 12-year-old purebred chocolate Labrador. Malow is the true outdoorsy type who loves to hike and swim, both of which he gets to do a lot of in Denver.

More about Marlow:

  • He loves helping with the vacuuming — by generously eating anything that falls on the floor 😆
  • He’s a bit spoiled and particularly likes when coconut oil is mixed into his dog food 💖

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