Happy Thanksgiving

Date: February 2, 2020 / Category: Blog

With Thanksgiving approaching and most of the year behind us, we wanted to stop and reflect on this past year and all we’re thankful for here at Celsius Network.

We are thankful for YOU

We are thankful for the Celsius Network community. With the Ambassador program kicking off this month, we’ve been able to get to know the members of our community even better. We started working with REAL people from our very own userbase who love and believe in Celsius, and we’re grateful for such a supportive group of people ready and willing to help us achieve the mission of Celsius.

Want to be involved? Check out our Ambassador program and sign up here!

We are thankful for banks

Yes, you read correctly. We are taking this opportunity to thank the many banks that have exposed exactly what isn’t working within our current financial institutions, and for teaching us what NOT to do in the future of finance. We needed that greedy wake-up call in order to work on bringing the power back into the hands of the people!

Gifts of Celsius

A few things WE have been working on to make sure our community gets as much as they can out of Celsius Network;

  • Our referral program

As a Celsius member, you can refer someone to sign up for Celsius and receive $10 in BTC when the person you refer deposits $1,000+. Each of you receives an additional $10 after the deposit of $1,000+ is kept in the account for at least 90 days! A nice way to start the holidays.

  • Debt Saviors

Holiday season = spending. Regardless of how much you plan and budget your holiday season spending, your credit card bill IS likely to be much higher than usual. Don’t let the holidays put you in debt! With a low-interest loan from Celsius Network, you can get the cash you need at the best rates in the industry without selling your coins.

  • The gift that keeps on giving

Depositing your crypto with Celsius is literally a gift to yourself that keeps on giving all year round. Earn up to 10.5% APR on your coins, and slide your settings over to CEL to earn up to 30% more each week!

  • Don’t leave your crypto out in the cold

Store your crypto and HODL. Make interest income on your deposits and make sure your coins are safe and warm during the holidays with Celsius.

  • Put your crypto up as collateral, make your dreams come true, collect it later.

Need a plane ticket to get home? Gifts for your loved ones? Avoid that silly conversation with your bank and take a crypto-backed loan with Celsius. It’s that easy. And guess what? Your crypto is not going anywhere! You will get it right back to HODL and snuggle these holidays

About Celsius Network

Celsius Network is a democratized interest income and lending platform accessible via a mobile app. Built on the belief that financial services should only do what is in the best interests of the community, Celsius is a modern platform where membership provides access to curated financial services that are not available through traditional financial institutions. Crypto holders can earn interest by transferring their coins to their Celsius Wallet and borrow USD against their crypto collateral at interest rates as low as 4.95% APR.

Download the Celsius Network app and start earning interest on your crypto today ➡️ celsiusnetwork.app.link

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