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Our ambassadors utilize their unique skills to help Celsius grow! Below are some examples of the excellent work of our ambassador community:

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Celsians is a community organization that tracks Celsius’ on chain wallets, transactions, and payments. This group has a huge presence in Twitter and an extremely helpful website!

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Scott Taylor

Scott is a U.S. based ambassador that has a thriving youtube channel and has been a huge supporter of Celsius for quite some time. Scott has a knack for explaining Celsius in a simple and easily understandable way which has in part led to his fantastic success as an ambassador!

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I am an Engineer, a Father and an early Celsian who is passionate about Data and Crypto. I created CelsiusHub because I felt the need to give my contribution and help Celsius fulfil its mission to bring 100M people to the Blockchain. Now every Celsian has a tool to instantly understand how fast the network is growing, and many more amazing things will come soon. Stay tuned!

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Founded in 2017, Coin Bureau is your home to unbiased crypto knowledge. I’m Guy and it’s my mission to provide the cryptoverse with honest guides and coin reviews.

In a world filled with superficial crypto content, I saw an opportunity to do crypto deep dives on YouTube. That involves sifting through those countless whitepapers, blog posts, social feeds, and condensing all that into a 20-minute video. Want to give me a chance to wow you with my crypto knowledge bombs? Well, check out my YouTube channel and the chances are that you’ll learn a thing or two!

A little known fact is that before YouTube, the CoinBureau ran a crypto blog. This is still regularly updated with tip-top crypto content, so be sure to check that out on

Finally, I would like to thank everyone that supports me. You have all allowed me to pursue my passion as a crypto educator. Also, thank you Celsius for recognizing my work and giving a damn about my content.

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Aaron Bennett

Showing you how to crush it financially - one video at a time!

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Digital Asset News

Taking the top stories in Cryptocurrency / Digital Assets and break it down into bite size pieces

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